Hairstyles – You could choose from

Hairstyles you could choose from

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Today, with so many hairstyles to choose from, it might be quite a challenge to decide which hairstyle to settle on.


Here are a few classic hairstyles you can choose from;

  1. Ponytail – This is a classic hairstyle which is so diverse that it is suitable for practically everyone. It is easy to create and requires minimal maintenance. It can be created using hair of long or medium lengths and all it requires is a hair band to hold it up. There are quite a number of optiohairdresser-pinnerns when it comes to holding one’s ponytail; high, mid, low and side ponytails are some of the options one can choose from. A ponytail is and quick to make. One can also make a ponytail with a twist by curling the ends, or creating bun or leaving a few tresses loose at the front to create a casual and laid back look.
  2. The bob – For shoulder length hair, the bob is a classic look. It can be worn curly or straight. The curly bob gives a more casual and approachable look while the straight bob gives a more serious demeanour suitable for the person seeking a professional, low maintenance look. The asymmetrical bob is one of the current trends with a number of hair stylists including bold hair colour to give one a unique hairstyle that ensures you truly stands out.
  3. Fringe – This is a style suitable for ladies with round faces or for ladies who are conscious about their high forehead. It involves cutting the front hair into a suitable length and may cover ones forehead fully or partly. The rest of the hair maybe styled in a variety of ways, from straight to wavy to held back in a pony tail.


There are a wide number of hairstyles from a unisex hair salon to choose from; selecting styles you like and experimenting with different styles could help you find your signature look.


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